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REP FITNESS Kettlebells for Strength and Conditioning, Fitness, and Cross-Training – LB and KG Markings

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Rep Fitness Bring the Gym Home Designed in Denver, Colorado

Rep Fitness Bring the Gym Home Designed in Denver, Colorado

Rep Kettlebells are designed to be the best value in kettlebells without sacrificing quality. Here’s what makes our kettlebells awesome:

Smooth Handles – Each kettlebell is hand-inspected before leaving the factory, and again prior to shipment to ensure no rough handles.
Marked in both kilograms and pounds for convenience. No need to convert with popular kettlebell training programs.
Color-coded bands around each handle make identifying your weight fast and easy. Find your weight quickly in a class environment.
Flat Bottoms – Our kettlebells have a machined flat bottom designed for renegade rows, kettlebell push ups, and other exercises requiring a stable platform.
Make sure to check out our kettlebell sets and kettlebell paired sets in some of our most popular weights! We also have kettle bell sets with kettlebell racks! Organize your space – our shelved KB rack can hold other items too like med balls and dumbbells getting your gear off the floor.
REP kettlebells are known to be some of the best around, with positive feedback for many years. Featured in gyms all over the world, choose quality AND value backed by our awesome support from Colorado.
Fast shipping from a company that understands heavy gear needs heavy duty protection so your kettlebell shows up looking great!

REP Kettlebells 8-24kg set

REP Kettlebells 8-24kg set

Full Rep Kettlebells

Full Rep Kettlebells

REP Logo on Kettlebell

REP Logo on Kettlebell

Kettlebell Specs

Kettlebell Specs

Full Range of Sizes

We carry a full range of sizes as well as kettlebell racks to store your set.

Available in 2.2lb/1kg, 9lb/4kg, 13lb/6kg, 17lb/8kg, 22lb.10kg, 26lb/12kg, 31lb/14kg 35lb/16kg, 39lb/18kg, 44lb/20kg, 48lb/22kg, 53lb/24kg, 62lb/28kg, 70lb/32kg, 79lb/36kg, 88lb/40kg, 97lb/44kg, 106lb/48kg and several sets to choose from.

Swings, Squats, and More!

Kettlebells are an essential conditioning tool for modern Cross Training and HIIT. Grab one and start building incredible strength, power and endurance today!

In addition to swings, use them for goblet squats, cleans, jerks and figure 8 passthroughs.

Best Kettlebell Value

Rep kettlebells are designed to be the best value in kettlebells without sacrificing quality. Here’s what makes ours awesome:

– Grippy yet forgiving Matte Powder-Coated Finish that won’t chip like enamel

– Color coded by weight so you can move easily between exercises and sets

– Flat bottom for stability during pushups, renegade rows, and other exercises.

Take your workouts to the next level with Rep Fitness


Rep Fitness is a REAL fitness equipment company based in Colorado! Not only do we make great gear, but we use it too!


We never cut corners on quality and never will. Our gear is designed for modern training regimens and will stand by you on your hardest day.


Getting a PR is hard, but getting great gear shouldn’t be. We carry a full line of modern fitness gear from adjustable benches to kettlebells.

Small Business Values

Our mission is to provide high value fitness equipment with Trust, Expertise and Innovation. We use the gear ourselves and stand behind it 100%.

HIGH-GRADE PREMIUM KETTLEBELLS: REP Fitness kettlebells are gravity cast for maximum durability. Our kettlebells are treated with a premium textured matte finish for hundreds of swings without slipping or tearing your hands while protecting the bell from rust and corrosion.
BUILD STRENGTH AND POWER: Kettlebells are great for squats, presses, deadlifts to build strength. Then shift gears to swings, cleans, and snatches to develop explosive power. Finish your workout with some core work like Russian twists or Turkish get-ups for a balanced full-body training routine.
PERFECT FOR HOME GYMS: Kettlebells pack a ton of versatility into a small package. They’re compact, easy to store, and each bell has a color-coded ring at the base for easy identification.
DESIGNED IN DENVER: REP Fitness designs and manufactures high-quality strength and conditioning equipment for home and commercial gyms. We carry a full line of strength and conditioning equipment including benches, barbells, dumbbells, racks, cardio equipment and more!

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