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Stretch Yourself Healthy Guide: Easy Routines to Relieve Pain, Boost Energy, and Feel Refreshed – The Perfect Plan for Improving Flexibility, Preventing Injury, Rehabilitation, Pain Relief, and More.

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Prevention's Stretch Yourself Healthy Guide Cover Image

Prevention's Stretch Yourself Healthy Guide Cover Image

Anyone Can Start This Stretching Program

We mean it. It’s for people who haven’t worked out in ages and people who work out every morning. It’s for people on their feet all day and people glued to their desks. It’s for people with aches they’ve been dealing with for years and people who are feeling stressed right now. No matter who you are, the stretches in this guide can help you start your day with less pain, more energy, and maybe even a spring in your step.

This is a program ANYONE can do. In their own home. No gym membership or expensive equipment required. With Stretch Yourself Healthy, you’ll discover simple stretches that help you feel better, healthier, and just plain AMAZING.

Stretch Yourself Healthy Demonstration of Exercises

Stretch Yourself Healthy Demonstration of Exercises

Combat pain. Obliterate stress. Move like your younger self. Let’s get started!

Included in this 144-page guide:

Expert advice and trusted science. Written by strength and conditioning specialist Dr. Rachel Tavel, PT, DPT, CSCS, you’ll find only the BEST information on movement, nutrition, and aging.
Stretches that pinpoint problem areas. Start with the parts that trouble you most and when you feel incredible results, move on to other parts.
Routines that target your unique fitness goals. Want to warm-up before a run, or cool down after a hike? Or do you just want the confidence to kneel in the garden — and get back up again? In addition to static (stationary) stretches, you’ll learn dynamic stretches that move you from one pose to another and increase your range of motion.
Bonus tips you’ll get only from Prevention. Learn stretching basics like how long to hold a stretch, how to breathe, and what to do when you’ve overstretched. Discover the stretching mistakes to avoid, the best foods to support joint health, the keys to staying limber, and more!

What’s Inside
Easy routines to relieve pain, boost energy, and feel amazing! 50+ essential stretches, plus modifications with step-by-step descriptions and photographs for getting each stretch just right.
A well-rounded, holistic approach to losing weight by replacing just one meal a day with a smoothie. Includes 80+ delicious recipes that keep you feeling full and satisfied.
Discover 101 unique, purposeful walks, all designed to help unclutter your mind, decrease anxiety and boost your mental and physical health—whether you’ve got an hour or just a few minutes.
Get 365 days of fun, easy, daily activities that will help you banish brain fog, improve memory, and boost your problem-solving skills in no time.

Published By Prevention

Ease neck pain, back pain and more. Plus increase flexibility and mobility, reduce stress and feel energized!
Lose weight by replacing just one meal a day!
Enhance your health and wellness and ease anxiety, unleash a sense of calm and unclutter your mind.
Boost your brain power and increase concentration, attention span, memory and more!

Special Features
Learn stretching basics like how long to hold a stretch and how to breathe. Plus stretching mistakes to avoid, the best foods to support joint health, the keys to staying limber, and more! Spiral-bound lay-flat format.
Tips and tricks for prepping your meals each week and optimal ways to use protein powders for a nutrition boost, and so much more. Spiral-bound lay-flat format with recipe photos.
A Walking Wellness Tracker lets you log your walks and create a record of the progress you’ve made.
Daily games, brain teasers, and challenges. Plus learn which foods and physical exercises you need to maximize long-term brain health.

From Our Readers:
“I really liked this guide. It shows pics of how to do the stretches and tells you what stretches to do with certain conditions you may have. I appreciate the guide and I have lots of books that aren’t near as helpful. An easy guide for stretching.”
“GREAT RECIPES Wonderful book put together very clear and precise! All the recipes are simple and easy to follow. I would definitely recommend it–well worth it!”
New- awaiting reviews
“My husband and I love this book! The tips on healthy aging are wonderful and the games are challenging! I definitely need practice! Very well done!!!”

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