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syedee Belt Squat Machine, Adjustable Weight Belt Machine for Strength Training, Squat Machine with Weightlifting Belt, Rehabilitation Belt Machine-750lb Weight Capacity

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syedee brand

syedee brand

What is sysdee’s mission?

syedee is a new-coming fitness brand that is dedicated to providing high-quality gym equipment to fitness enthusiasts all over the world. The brand was founded by a team of fitness experts who wanted to make a difference in the industry by creating innovative and effective gym equipment that could help people achieve their fitness goals.

Why we can promise high-quality?

Our products are designed with the latest technology and highest-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.

What can you get for sysdee?

What can you get for sysdee?

What can you get for sysdee?

【Transform Your Journey】 – The extra large knurled texture of the pedals(Pedal size is: 17.7” x 15.2”) provides a wider range of adjustment for your training movements. Still bothered by the need to return the angle of the squat machine on the bar to its original position after each training session? syedee will give you unprecedented convenience. We added two extra hydraulic rods, at the end of each of your training, it will help you to return the bar to its original position automatically.
【Targeted Touch】- The hanging belt squat machine is the new trend in fitness sessions. Compared to the traditional squat machine, the hanging belt design eliminates the tension of the athlete’s upper body muscles and the pressure of the back on the body, allowing for a smoother lower body and more precise stimulation of the muscles in the legs and hips.
【Focused on You】- Equipped with a belt length of 48.8”, can fully take care of different waist sizes of training people; width of 4.8”, thickness of 0.32”, to protect your waist from injury during training; both sides of the belt are designed with herringbone stitching, making the belt more solid and extending the service life of the belt. In addition, our pole has 6 adjustable holes, you can also match the most suitable training gear according to your height.
【 Do More with Less】Syedee’s belt squat machine has 6 adjustable holes on the front of the bar to meet the needs of athletes of different heights, simply pull out the pins and move back and forth to easily complete the adjustment of different gears. In addition to the chains and belts equipped with the machine itself, you can also hang other accessories (cable handle, landmine, etc.) on the front of the carabiner, allowing you to achieve resistance shoulder push, bent over row, etc.

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